Battlefield 5's launch trailer has more than 20 explosions

Battlefield 5 launched a day early for Origin Access Premier members, so some of you might be watching the above launch trailer having already poured hours into DICE’s hectic World War 2 shooter. Well, watch it anyway—it’s got loads of explosions. I stopped counting somewhere around 20. 

I’m not especially handy in a Battlefield firefight, but I do love to be in the middle of them. People dropping like flies all around me, planes falling out of the sky—it’s thrilling stuff. In our Battlefield 5 review in progress, Andy confirms that it’s as messy and chaotic as ever. 

Battlefield revels in chaos, and 5 continues this tradition brilliantly. In the thick of a firefight, with planes screaming overhead, tanks trundling by, and sniper scopes glinting in the distance, it’s exhilarating. And the dense, detailed maps only add to the turmoil, particularly the post-apocalyptic Devastation, which is set among the shattered ruins of a bombed-out Rotterdam. With 64 players sharing a map, few multiplayer games are this frenzied.

Keep an eye on the review to find out what the multiplayer is like now that it’s out in the wild and if the single-player is worth a look. 

Battlefield 5 is out now for Origin Access members, November 15 if you’ve pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition and finally November 20 for everyone else.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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