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Battlefield 5 will not have loot boxes, but will have paid cosmetics

Battlefield 5 will eschew loot boxes entirely, with cosmetic items the only goods available to buy with real world money. Those cosmetic items can also be acquired using an in-game currency which can be earned by playing the game, an EA spokesperson told Polygon.

It's in contrast with Battlefield 1, which launched with its own loot box variant called Battle Packs. These mostly contained weapon and vehicle cosmetics, though it was possible to collect pieces for unique melee weapons, as well as the occasional XP boost. If the player acquired a weapon skin they either didn't need or want, it could be turned to Scrap, which could be used to purchase even more Battle Packs.

Overall, the Battle Packs offered no in-game advantages (unless you count XP boosts), but DICE appears to be removing all element of chance from Battlefield 5's cosmetic reward system. This is understandable, as EA stablemate Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was at the forefront of renewed scrutiny of loot box practices. 

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Here's the reveal trailer:

Shaun Prescott
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