Battlefield 5 open beta begins on September 6

Electronic Arts announced today that its sort-of Second World War FPS Battlefield 5 will go into open beta on September 6, or a couple of days earlier for Origin Access subscribers (basic or premier) and anyone who preorders. Open beta preloading will begin for everyone at 1 am PT/4 am ET on September 3. 

The beta will include the Conquest mode on the Rotterdam map, a street battle in Holland featuring "dynamic physicality and destruction," and both Conquest and Grand Operations modes on the Arctic Fjord map. Grand Operations, which we got a look at in June, is a series of asymmetrical attack-and-defend battles that unfold across multiple stages taking several in-game days.   

EA also teased a new trailer coming tomorrow called "The Company," and shared an Nvidia tweet showing off the game's support for the ray-tracing-capable Turing technology in the new GeForce RTX 2070, 2080, and 2080 Ti cards unveiled today at Gamescom.

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You can get a closer look at what RTX effects are all about here. It's sweet eye candy, but it doesn't come cheap: The 2080 and 2080 Ti Founder's Editions are available for preorder now, for $799 and $1199. Battlefield 5 releases on October 11 for Origin Access subscribers, and October 19 for everyone else.

Andy Chalk

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