Battlefield 5 machine gunners are learning how to duck in the next patch

"I see you up there."

"I see you up there."

The top gunners on Battlefield 5 tanks have a hell of a gun under their control, and play an important role as they deal with any infantry that gets close to harass the tank with explosives. They also die a lot, because they're sitting on top of a large tank with a big gun, making a lot of noise and not doing what they should arguably be doing most of the time: ducking.

A DICE producer confirmed on Reddit (opens in new tab) yesterday that, in the next patch, machine gunners will learn this vital maneuver. Thank goodness. That's really all there is to this story, but if you've tried your hand on the top of a tank, you know how much the ability to take cover is needed to make the position viable.

Because it just released, and EA doesn't run many sales, I doubt Battlefield 5 will be discounted at all this Black Friday—you can get it with an Origin Access Premier (opens in new tab) subscription, or for $60 (opens in new tab). I'm enjoying it despite some bugs, as well as tank machine gunners' current inability to hide from bullets, but for more check out Andy's Battlefield 5 review.

Tyler Wilde
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