Battlefield 4 update adds loadout presets to Battlelog

Battlefield 4 preset loadouts

Up until today, swapping out weapons and equipment in the thick of a Battlefield 4 match wasn't easy. Sifting through piles of unlocks lengthened spawn times and hampered momentum for players on a roll (well, that and occasional teleporting soldiers ), but a fresh Battlelog update hopes to simplify inventory management with the addition of preset loadouts for the game's four kits.

Each soldier and vehicle class gets two preset slots which increases to four if you're a Premium member. Weapons, gadgets, and tacti-cool attachments are all there for custom-named setups like "Combat Medic" or "Useless Camping Sniper." Disappointingly, editing and saving loadouts is done only through the Battlelog, so the hassle of in-game item swapping still exists albeit in diminished form. Still, this is a pretty neat boon for 'fielders who rotate weapons regularly, particularly the Engineer's tendency to rapidly switch between anti-vehicle and repair gadgets.

Load up Battlelog for the update. As for DICE's latest campaign against the assembled armies of Post-launch Lag Land, no further updates from the developer beyond an acknowledgment to work on some pretty severe rubber-banding issues .

Omri Petitte

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