Battlefield 4 Premium Edition hits Origin on October 21

Battlefield 4 helicoshootmantime

In news that will surprise no one, EA has announced it will reissue Battlefield 4 later this month in a 'Premium Edition', which bundles all DLC content in addition to a few other features. That means all five expansions will be included, as well as new personalisation options for camo, paint, emblems, dog tags and more.

The pack, which hits Origin on October 21, will also grant 'priority position in server queues', as well as 12 Battlefield 4 Gold Battlepacks. The DLC packs include Second Assault, China Rising, Naval Strike, Dragon's Teeth and the forthcoming Final Stand pack.

It's a good deal for anyone yet to play Battlefield 4, especially following the game's abysmal launch last year. "I can absolutely say that we lost player trust in the game's launch," DICE LA producer David Sirland said last week on the topic. A recent major patch made a series of long-awaited fixes and tweaks to the shooter, which is soon to be usurped by Battlefield: Hardline.

Shaun Prescott

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