Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth expansion adds new maps, game mode, floating eatery

In another, more generous age, Battlefield Hardline might have taken the form of an expansion or even a mod - from our impressions of the beta , it doesn't exactly feel like its own game. We don't live in the late '90s, however - and until I perfect my time-travelling Ford Mondeo, we never will - so let's focus on Battlefield 4's actual DLC. Dragon's Teeth is the latest, and EA have spilled a few new details. Details like "it contains four multiplayer maps" and "there are five new weapons" and "you can have it two weeks early if you pony up for Battlefield 4 Premium". (They didn't use the word 'pony', but you get the idea.)

Dragon's Teeth sadly does not take place within The Hobbit's Lonely Mountain, but rather some unspecified "Asian cities", as detailed here - a description I find hilariously vague. Perhaps the four maps' names - Lumphini Garden, Pearl Market, Propaganda and Sunken Dragon - contain some clues. One of them contains a floating restaurant, if that helps. Dragon's Teeth's five new weapons haven't been revealed yet - it would be fun if Dice added some pre-order tat from Dragon Age: Inquisition by mistake - but know that you'll be able to use a Ballistic shield, along with the improbably named "controllable unmanned ground vehicle" R.A.W.R. Rawr.

That new game mode, meanwhile, is called Chain Link, and as per the title it involves linking together capture points to create chains (no idea). Dragon's Teeth is out sometime this summer - i.e. that season we're in now - ahead of Battlefield 4's fifth and final piece of DLC, Final Stand. That's also due this Summer, only presumably a bit later on.

Tom Sykes

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