Battlefield 4 Community Operations and Fall Update roll out tomorrow

Battlefield 4 Community Operations

Community Operations is free DLC for Battlefield 4 releasing tomorrow, which includes the Operation Outbreak map created with input from the Battlefield community. My expectations for this one are perhaps a little low—too many cooks and all that—but the cinematic trailer released last week is actually pretty spectacular.

This would be a good time for a gentle reminder that "cinematic" is code for "the game isn't actually like this when you play it," but that doesn't mean that stuff like this isn't fun to watch. And since Operation Outbreak is free, what's to lose? Worst-case scenario, it turns out to be a half-baked effort and you go back to getting your online dude-shooting giggles somewhere else.

EA said on the Battlelog that both Community Operations and the Battlefield 4 Fall Update will launch on the same day—October 27, remember, which at this moment is tomorrow—but will be separate downloads. What the Fall Update will include still hasn't been announced, but DICE LA Producer David Sirland said on Twitter earlier this month that the patch notes will eat up around 28 pages. In other words, it's a biggie.

Andy Chalk

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