Battlefield 4 alpha trial starts today, system specs and vehicle customisation shots surface

DICE are rolling towards the late October release of Battlefield 4 - air-dropping the game to select testers for an alpha trial that's due to begin today. Testers were selected based on "experience with the Battlefield series". Don't let that get your hopes up, though - even if you have hundreds of collective hours of chaotic battle time, DICE's " TheBikeViking " has confirmed there will be no second batch of testers. Even so, information about the test is coming through, including an early look at system specifications.

Here are the current recommended requirements to run the alpha, courtesy of MP1st :

  • OS: Vista SP2, Win7 (Win8 not supported)

  • 64 bit (32 bit not supported)

  • Dx10 or Dx 11 GPU with 1+GB of RAM, Dx 11 highly recommended

  • 25GB HDD free space required

  • Latest Origin version required

In all, it's not dissimilar to the recommended requirements for Battlefield 3. Keep in mind, though, that the alpha will likely be both unoptimised and, according to the email sent out to testers, missing most level textures. While the required specs are unlikely to go down, they will probably become slightly more inclusive. At the very least, expect Windows 8 to be supported.

As to what this is all building towards: NeoGAF found screenshots of the new Vehicle Customisation menus and options. See those below. (Thanks, PCGamesN .)

Phil Savage

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