Battlefield 3 trailer visits Wake Island, little yellow digger returns

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Freeze the video at 50 seconds in. What the forklift is that vehicle? Is it really a forklift truck, is it some sort of small digger? It got a subliminal cameo in the Gulf of Oman trailer , but we get a much clearer picture of it running over men in the new Wake Island trailer. What is it for, and why is someone driving it through a warzone?

The footage is from the PS3 version of the map, because Back to Karkand was just released on PS3. It's hitting PC next Tuesday December 13. It'll cost $14.99 / £11.99, unless you pre-ordered Battlefield 3, in which case you should get it for free. It adds four classic Battlefield 2 maps Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Wake Island and Sharqi Peninsula as well as a host of new weapons and new vehicles, including a high speed buggy, a VTOL jet and the strange little yellow digger forklift truck thing. Give us your best theory as to what it is in the comments below.

Tom Senior

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