Battlefield 3 to feature Tehran, Paris and New York. Will have spotting and dog tags

Battlefield 3

More Battlefield 3 information has emerged, revealing that Tehran, New York and Paris will all feature as major locations in the game. An updated version of the spotting system in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be in the game, as well as knives, dog tags and bullet drop. Read on for more info.

Product listing information on the Game website lists Tehran, New York and Paris as major locations in the game. Tehran was confirmed by Battlefield 3 Lead Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, who has been aswering questions on Twitter , unveiling a few more nuggets in the process.

Kertz reveals that Battlefield 3 will have a spotting system similar to that of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in which players could tap a button and highlight an enemy to the rest of the team. The specifics of the spotting system have yet to be finalised though. "Spotted enemies could have a bomb dropped on them by an orbital space cannon for all I've decided right now," says Kertz.

We already know that the ability to go prone will be in Battlefield 3, but doing it in midair will be impossible, eliminating 'dolphin diving'. Bullet physics will work in a similar way to Bad Company 2, with gravity and distance affecting projectile trajectories, but the system will be updated. "Yes, there is bullet drop. Doesn't work the same as BC2 though, it's a much deeper system." Close combat kills and dog tags will also make the transition from Bad Company 2. "There will be a knife, there will be dogtags. No details for now."

Kertz also mentions that there will be friendly fire options, and there won't be ziplines or grappling hooks, saying “you don't kill CoD by trying to be CoD. You kill CoD by making a better shooter.” For more Battlefield information, check out the announcement post and the new Battlefield 3 site. The game's due out this Autumn.

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