Battlefield 3 "Matches" feature will let players create tailored grudge matches

Efficient grudge maestros are known to armour only one fist, favouring a silk glove for the off-hand. This allows one to both throw down the gauntlet and deliver a swift slap to the face simultaneously, maximising the effectiveness of the taunt and ensuring enraged agreement to any terms of combat. Battlefield 3's upcoming match feature will let players create tailored grudge matches between platoons, allowing both sides to fight for honour and glory according to a custom ruleset.

Once upon a time combatants would have to scrawl out terms in blood on sheafs of hand-woven papyrus, but things have become much easier since famous Czech inventor Mr. Box invented the tickable white square. Using a sequence of these, players can set a time and place at which the duel will take place, and lay down a few ground rules to ensure a good fight. Ityme One: There shall be no use of ye mortars in this life or the next.

DICE outlined the upcoming feature on the Battlefield blog and have included a few screenshots to give us an idea of the level of control we'll have over matches. Specific upgrades can be ticked and unticked, letting teams ban flashlights, laser sights, mortars and more. It'll all work through DICE's browser-based Battlelog system. "To coordinate a Match a player must be actively renting a dedicated server. Once a dedicated server has been selected the Match host can set the Match name, start time, game mode, team size, and map rotations," say DICE.

"Platoons, friends, and rivals will be able to put their teamwork to the test in controlled environments laying claim to definitive superiority and creating new grudges," they add. It should prove to be a nice addition for serious clans, or anyone who wants to settle anything ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Tom Senior

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