Battlefield 1 features one of the smallest guns in the history of guns

The past few weeks have seen loads of news coming from Battlefield 1's pre-release camp as it hurtles towards its October 21 launch. We learned recently that its Spectator Mode will come with new video editing tools, for example; and that its single player campaign may be the best DICE has made to date

If you're signed up to Origin, its Play First trial is now live, but perhaps the best story so far, though, is the fact EA's latest bash of the Battlefield bayonet includes the ultra-dinky 2mm Kolibri pistol. YouTube fellow jackfrags recorded footage of it in action, before it was showcased on Reddit via in the following gif. 

Also known as the 2.7mm Kolibri Car Pistol, this tiny gun fires a three grain projectile at about 650 feet per second, and was manufactured shortly before WW1. The demand for military arms at the time caused production to cease, however Battlefield 1's pseudo interpretation of the Great War ensures the Kolibri's place in the fight. 

I can't see this and not think of the Noisy Cricket from the first Men In Black, but don't expect anything nearly as powerful—the Kolibri fires at three foot pounds of energy/four joules. This video informs us that isn't very powerful at all. 

Thanks VG24/7.