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Battlefield 1 Companion App out now

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Once known as the Battlelog Mobile App, DICE has now released Battlefield Companion—a reworked and redesigned smartphone application that supports both Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4. 

Assuming you have an Android, iOS or Windows 10-powered smartphone, Battlefield Companion lets you "track Battlefield progress, customize your loadout [and] connect with friends," so says the blurb on the game's site. 

An overhauled UI lets you access the app's Career section—which houses your profile, stats and awards—and lets you see how your pals are performing via your Friends List. The Customization tab offers an overview of your weapons and gadgets ensemble, and is also where you can customise loadouts and design your own emblem. 

"The current Battlelog experience ( and will remain available through the new Battlefield Companion and mobile browsers after this update," adds the blurb. 

If that sounds interesting, Android users can download the Battlefield Companion App for free here, while iOS users should head this way (opens in new tab). Full details can be found via EA's help page.