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Battle Worlds: Kronos out now, trailer explores the morality of artillery strikes

It's actually happening. Kickstarter projects are being released. Between Broken Sword 5's release announcement , and last night's release of turn-based strategy Battle Worlds: Kronos, we're going to find out if these games the community has already funded are even any good. In case of the latter, a launch trailer has appeared to persuade you that while yes, you absolutely should murder your foes with rockets, you should really do it for the right reasons.

"This is it. We have done our best to help the once-great genre of turn-based strategy make a comeback," says King Art Games CEO Jan Theysen in a press release. "We publish Battle Worlds as a modern take on a classic genre and a bow to our great forerunners like Battle Isle or Advance Wars. If you, like us, believe that turn-based strategy should be strong again, please support us by buying the game!"

This is a continuation of their Kickstarter pitch , in which they hoped everybody had forgotten that turn-based strategies both exist and are still being made. It's annoying to see, because, whatever the game's quality, it's disingenuous to fabricate some heroic resurgence as an attempt to leverage fans. That aside, Battle Worlds isn't short on features, offering two campaigns, singleplayer challenges, and online skirmishes. On top of that, a free "Trains" DLC will add a third campaign in January.

Battle Worlds: Kronos is now available through GOG , Steam and the developer's website .

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