Bastion, Transistor programmer Chris Jurney joins Oculus Rift team


If it seems lately that everyone under the sun is going to work for Oculus VR, that may be because everyone under the sun is going to work for Oculus VR. The latest addition to the virtual reality dream team is Chris Jurney of Supergiant Games, the studio behind the indie hits Bastion and Transistor .

Jurney's name may not be as immediately recognizable as that of Jason Rubin or Jason Holtman , the other two guys who hopped the Oculus train this month (and to be fair, "recognizable" in this case is a very relative term) but you're almost certainly familiar with his work. As well as Bastion and Transistor, Jurney also worked on games including Brutal Legend for Double Fine, Relic's Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2 and Company of Heroes, and Frontlines: Fuel of War at Kaos Studios.

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"I've always wanted to work in VR," Jurney told Polygon . "Part of the way I ended up talking to Oculus is because of a mid-party rant at GDC about how my primary religion is VR, The Lawnmower Man is one of my favorite movies, and how I can't wait to abandon my meat sack for a full time virtual existence. I spent hundreds of hours in a VFX1 headset in college wandering around Quake 1 looking forward to better future VR that never materialized."

Andy Chalk

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