Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden sequel slams onto Kickstarter

Tales of Game's (the apostrophe is intentional) are Kickstarting their follow-up to the free RPG Chef Boyardee's Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden . Billed as the second chapter of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa, The Magical Realms of Tír na nÓg: Escape from Necron 7 - Revenge of Cuchulainn: The Official Game of the Movie casts you as the son of basketball legend Charles Barkley (the eponymous Hoopz) in a "post-cyberpocalypse" where "ballers" are hunted down and persecuted. I am not making any of this up.

The devs say Barkley 2 "combines the focus on strong characters and narrative of Eastern RPGs with the non-linearity and openness of Western RPGs, drawing on the best ideas from titles like Realms of Arkania, Fallout, Dark Souls, Romancing SaGa, Dark Sun, Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall and Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne." They're asking for a meager (by Kickstarter standards) $30,000 to make it happen, with a notable $1,000 reward tier allowing you to covertly impersonate them in an interview.

Tales of Game's has also provided the handy graph below if you're still on the fence about backing Barkley 2. I know I was sold. You can download the original Barkley here , and back Barkley 2 here .