Baldur's Gate 3: How to open Selune's Gilded Chest in the Owlbear Nest

Baldur's Gate 3 Gilded Chest in Owlbear Nest
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The Baldur's Gate 3 Gilded Chest in the Owlbear Nest is just one of the game's many little puzzles for treasure, though it's a little harder to open than your average chest. This loot receptacle is locked with powerful magic and you'll have to work out how to unseal it if you want the valuables inside—including a pretty strong early-game amulet.

If you've just started your new character in Baldur's Gate 3, you might want to know who you can romance. Either way, here's how to open the Gilded Chest and solve the Statue of Selune puzzle in the Owlbear Nest.

How to open the Gilded Chest 

Since it's a magically sealed chest, lockpicks won't work on this one, so you'll have to find an alternate means of cracking it open. First, you'll want to jump from where the chest is over to the far platform with the statue on it. Hit a quicksave and then walk a little further behind it. If any of your characters succeed in their passive Perception check, you'll spot a Selunite Prayer Sheet. Since you can't pick this up without succeeding the check, you might want to reload that save if all of your characters failed. Pick up the sheet and jump back over to where the chest is.

Now, open your inventory and read the sheet by examining it—it's worth noting that if you use Shadowheart this won't work since Shar and Selune are rival deities. Reading the sheet with any other character in front of the statue will open the Gilded Chest, allowing you to get at the contents. First, however, you'll have to convince Shadowheart to let you take the stuff through Insight, Intimidation, or Persuasion. 

If you fail this check, you can still pilfer the items—she'll just disapprove. In the chest, you'll find the Idol of Selune and Selunite Rite, which will presumably have a purpose later, and the Moondrop Amulet which allows you to avoid Opportunity Attacks when your HP is below 50%, or you can let Gale absorb its magic as part of his quest. 

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