Back 4 Blood might be coming to Game Pass at launch

Back 4 Blood
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

A countdown video appeared to advertise in its description that the co-op zombie shooter Back 4 Blood would be "coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch via Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, as well as Windows 10 PC." The video has since been made private, but screenshots of the description were captured and shared by a reddit user.

Back 4 Blood have a planned event this Sunday under Warner Bros., shortly after Microsoft's own conference, where the news could have been planned to be announced at either. It wouldn't be the first piece of game news to accidentally leak ahead shortly ahead of an event for this E3: a number of game announcements have leaked, with some like Two Point Campus already being confirmed.

The original Left 4 Dead games are still well-loved despite their age. This saw a community map being added to Left 4 Dead 2 officially last September, in its first major update to the 2009 game in seven years. The spiritual successor to the series is being made by original creators Turtle Rock, who are revamping the series with additions like deckbuilding elements that add a different kind of strategic thinking to the plough-through-undead gameplay, and the kind of next-generation enhancements that mean the tank equivalent can be really quite large now. Until a modder inevitably swaps them for Thomas the Tank Engine, anyway.

Back 4 Blood was recently delayed, but its open beta will be playable this summer, with a full release expected on Steam—and maybe Game Pass—October 12. For more news, the Warner Bros. presentation this weekend will only be talking about Back 4 Blood, at at 2pm PT/10pm BST tomorrow.

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