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Avadon 2: The Corruption trailer reveals a game that looks a lot like Avadon 1

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Spiderweb Software have released a trailer for their upcoming Avadon 2 (opens in new tab) , and as you may have guessed if you've played any of their previous RPGs, it shows a game that looks near-identical to the last one. Not that this is a bad thing, although I am hoping for a slightly less cumbersome interface this time. Avadon 2's additions don't exactly come across in the trailer, but include new character classes and of course a whole new story, which is why you go with Spiderweb in the first place.

Avadon 2 is still on track for release this Autumn/Fall. You'll be happy to hear that it features "many different endings", "dozens of sidequests, dungeons and secrets to discover" and "hundreds of magical items to use".

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