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Avadon 2 release date announced, will be out just in time for Halloween

Avadon 2 , which chronology fans will be pleased to hear is the sequel to Spiderweb Software's Quite Good 2011 RPG Avadon, has been given a release date at last. The isometric adventure will be available on Steam, direct from the website, and from a few other places on October 30th, or All Hallows Eve Eve as it's presumably known by someone, perhaps Trevor Eve. It shouldn't be madly different to the original game, but then that's not the Spiderweb way, with story tending to take precedence in their gradually expanding series of fantasy epics.

Spiderweb haven't shown much of Avadon over the last few months - theirs is a different, and welcome approach to the Ubisoft method of bombarding you with trailers - so here's a video from a while ago.