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Weekend Game Deals - Orcs Must Buy


It's a sequel hype-up weekend on Steam: Borderlands and its GOTY edition are both 75% off, as is Orcs Must Die! (There's also an Orcs Must Die! 2 demo available now, so have some of that.)


Amazon is running the same Borderlands deal as Steam , and many of the usuals are on sale as...usual.


GameFly returns to the list this week with 50% off Max Payne 3 and 75% off Mirror's Edge . Nice!


Bethesda games are up to 50% off this weekend on GameStop.


"Awesome Adventure Games" are 50% off on GOG this weekend. The list includes some personal favorites: The 11th Hour , Dreamfall: The Longest Journey , and Little Big Adventure (a.k.a Twinsen's Odyssey) .

More game deals

If you find any great deals we missed, the comments are a lovely place to share them.

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