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War Thunder trailer introduces the stars of the Ground Forces expansion, now in closed beta

It's a celebrity packed trailer for War Thunder's Ground Forces expansion. They've got all the stars: the infamous Light-Grey Tank, the controversial Dark-Grey Tank, and the much idolised Dirty Greenish Tank. Okay, fine, I'm as unsuited to distinguishing between tanks as I am to actual celebrities. Whatever their names are, though, they're probably here, in a big ol' tank montage introducing the once aerial-only free-to-play battler's more grounded update.

The Ground Forces closed beta is now under way, with participants picked from a pool of players who completed a series of challenges over the last month. A second wave of the beta is due to roll out later in December. Purchasable tank packs will guarantee access to that, although Gaijin say that other methods are also planned.

"Our ultimate goal is to have hundreds of thousands of individual games made up of dozens of players who can experience intense battles where they come from the skies, the land and eventually from the sea," writes Gaijin Entertainment's Anton Yudintsev in a press release. "The launch of Ground Forces Expansion closed beta is another step towards that goal."

War Thunder itself is currently in open beta, and can be downloaded here .

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