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Vertical roguelike TowerClimb unexpectedly releases


In Indie years, TowerClimb has been in development for a million gajillion decades, and that's literally no exaggeration. The procedurally generated vertical platforming roguelike was approved on Steam Greenlight around two years ago, but I've been following its development for longer than that. I'd quietly accepted that I might be an old, old man with a big grey beard when it finally came out, but then, yeah, after five years in development, TowerClimb suddenly released yesterday. (And my beard is only slightly grey.)

Here it is on Steam. It's actually out! And it has nothing to do with TowerFall, before you ask. It's a game about climbing a big tower that so desperately wants to kill you, and there's magic, and spikes, and monsters and treasure chests and things like that. Here's a bit of action from developers Davioware and Quazi: