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Vader Immortal VR series being produced in collaboration with Hellblade devs

In quickstep with the Oculus Quest reveal yesterday, ILMxLAB have announced a Star Wars VR series starring the premium vintage OG Darth, Lord Vader himself. The adventure will be spread across three episodes, due in 2019.

Seasoned film writer/producer/director David S Goyer is writer and executive producer on the project. On he says that players will be able to explore Darth Vader's castle on Mustafar. ILMxLAB have also been working "in close collaboration" with Ninja Theory, of Hellblade and DmC fame. Maybe they are working on sharpening up the lightsaber combat shown at the very end of the trailer.

It's not clear how long or involved the episodes will be, or who you actually play as, but Goyer confirms that you will get loomed over by the Dark Lord at least once. It sounds like the episodes will be a mix of exploration, cinematics and combat. 

On the official ILMxLAB site it describes its mission to transition "from storytelling to storyliving" (ugh) using VR and AR to create "premium, story-based immersive entertainment experiences." Previous story-based immersive entertainment experiences include Trials on Tatooine, shown below. It was a neat, if short, dose of Star Wars fan service.

Ta VG247.

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