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Two Point Hospital hunts for immortality in the new DLC

Two Point Hospital's new DLC sees you committing medical malpractice on the tropical paradise of Pebberley Island, home of many weird diseases—including one that turns its victim into colourful birds—and opportunities to make a quick buck. It also hides a spring of immortality, and you'll need to sterelise a path to it for Wiggy Silverbottom, a courageous explorer whose only weakness is germs. 

Pebberley Island looks like a perfect spot for a holiday, what with its lovely beaches, interesting ruins and the promise of immortality. Unfortunately, there are also 34 new illnesses to fight, dangerous weather and an overgrown jungle that's apparently sentient. It might not take too kindly to you plonking a hospital down in the middle of it. 

I'm not sure if immortality is really a good thing if you depend on cash from sick people. Eternal life means you get your patients for a lot longer, but if they don't need to worry about dying, do they really need doctors and nurses? Maybe we'll get a chance to destroy the spring. Despite being all about private healthcare, Two Point Hospital isn't normally very cutthroat, but what happens on the island stays on the island.

Pebberley Island is due out on March 18. 

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