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Trine Enchanted Edition now available with big discount in tow

Trine 2 was superior to its predecessor in every way, so much so that if you played the sequel first you might be disappointed with the original. To combat this, Frozenbyte has released an Enchanted Edition of Trine , which is basically a remake of the game in Trine 2's engine. Most importantly, it introduces cooperative multiplayer to the original, which means if you've played it before, you may very well want to play it again.

The Enchanted Edition has been in beta for a little while now, but it's now available in its final form with a huge 80 per cent discount on Steam . If you happen to own the original Trine then you're entitled to a free copy of the new one, which can be launched within the game's launcher. The original will remain intact.

Check out the Trine Enchanted Edition launch trailer:

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