Tribes: Ascend Game of the Year update adds new weapon and maps

Not content with completely shifting the game purchasing paradigm , Hi-Rez have also announced a new content update that will arrive today alongside the "single purchase" option. It brings new maps, a new weapon, turret shields to enhance Generator battles, and additional physics options for custom servers.

Six new maps have been added; three for CTF, and three for Arena. Bella Omega makes a return, hopefully free from the Generator problems that prompted its original removal. There's also Canyon Crusade Revival, a remade version of the classic Tribes map.

The new weapon is the Shocklance, a secondary slot item available to all classes. It does higher damage from behind, which should prompt some close-range balletic jetpacking to manoeuvre yourself into position.

Of course, the patch's biggest change is the Game of the Year unlock itself, giving all existing weapons, maps and perks for a single price. That price is £20.99 for new players, and £13.99 for existing VIPs.