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Total War: Rome 2's Wrath of Sparta campaign released

Wrath of Sparta

Total War: Attila is out in just a couple of months, but that's not going to stop Creative Assembly from sneaking out a quick Rome 2 expansion. This is, after all, Total War; and not, as you might think, Partial War. Just look at that screenshot of screaming men. There is war happening all over that field.

The Wrath of Sparta is the latest addition to the Rome 2 pantheon. It brings a new campaign map—supposedly the earliest in Total War history. The DLC is set in 432 BC, and covers the Greek mainland, islands and Ionian coast.

But what of the war? You have four factions to fight the Peloponnesian Wars with; Athens, Corinth, Sparta and Boiotia. They bring new tech trees, a "Tribalism" culture variant, and are all constantly threatened by a possible Persian invasion.

Wrath of Sparta is out now, and costs £10/$15.

Phil Savage
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