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Tonight: Microsoft vs. Zynga in the StarCraft 2 After Hours Gaming League finals


Can Bing's Banelings best Farmville's Ghosts? Tonight, Microsoft and Zynga are going to settle their differences in StarCraft 2. The tech competitors face each other in the final of the After Hours Gaming League , a for-charity tournament between top tech companies in Silicon Valley. Starting at 6 PM PST, tonight's final is the culmination of a month-some of round robin action between Yelp, Amazon, and others.

StarCraft 2's self-professed "funsmith" Day[9] will be doing the commentary, streamed here and embedded after the jump. To the winner: $5000 for the charity of their choice and immeasurable bragging rights.

I'm running out the door now to attend the tournament. For on-site updates, follow me at @elahti as I make the trip from PC Gamer to Facebook HQ, where the finals are being hosted.

Watch live video from Day[9] on

Check the standings (and watch prior matches) for the AHGL here . The finals will be preceded by a 3rd- and 4th-place match between Google and Amazon. Microsoft and Google should begin their best of seven bout at about 7 PM PST.

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