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THQ pondering Linux development after the success of the THQ Humble Bundle

Valve aren't the only company throwing their weight behind Linux , everyone's favourite open-source operating system. Following the success of their controversial, definitely-not-indie Humble Bundle, THQ president Jason Rubin has stated that they are "evaluating the cost/benefit [of developing for Linux] as we speak". (Thanks to PCGamesN for discovering this.)

Rubin revealed as much on Twitter after Cheshire Theyain tweeted the following message to him: "can you guys consider doing some games for Linux? I know it seems a small market, but look at what Valve is doing." He responded that they "Got the Linux message [loud] and clear via #HumbleBundle feedback. Evaluating cost/benefit as we speak."

Although THQ aren't currently in great shape , if you mentioned Linux to a mainstream publisher even a couple of years ago you would doubtless have been laughed out of the building. That they're even considering Linux development is an extraordinary state of affairs, regardless of whether they decide to go through with it. Who knows - if other publishers follow suit, we may eventually be rid of our dependency on Windows.