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The Temple of No is a new freebie from Crows Crows Crows

Earlier today, Crows Crows Crows boss William Pugh said on Twitter that everyone on the studio's mailing list would be given a free game in just 30 minutes. Naturally, I couldn't remember if I was already subscribed or not, so I signed up (again, as it turned out) just to be sure. 30 minutes later, nothing happened. But after some kinks were worked out the wheels started turning, I eventually received an email linking me to something called The Temple of No

The Temple of No is a Twine game, made with the “open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories,” meaning it's basically interactive fiction with some sound effects and art. As you might expect, it's quite funny in places, and very strange throughout: You can play as a man, a woman, or a frog who lost an eye in a huge fight with a baboon (he won, though), and only one of them will give you the full and proper experience of the real game. (A claim I suspect may not actually be true.) 

I have a feeling that The Temple of No is the sort of thing that will need to be played multiple times to really be appreciated, so it's good that it's a very quick little diversion: Not counting the time I spent listening to some rambling that I won't spoil for you, I blew through the whole thing in about ten minutes. 


Andy Chalk
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