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The Surge 2 gets gloriously gory in its latest trailer

The Surge 2, a game where you kill people and steal their limbs, is a little on the violent side, it turns out. Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive have put together a new trailer to highlight just how violent, slowing the action down to really let you enjoy the flying limbs and spurts of blood. Lovely stuff. 

While I'm sure it will be a lot of fun to kick a man's head clean off his neck, beneath all the violence there some great animation work. Every hit has this dramatic, meaty impact, though they're obviously assisted in the trailer by slow motion and other cinematic touches. 

We also got to see a decent chunk of raw footage recently, which you can watch again below, and the combat looks just as great outside of flashy trailers. Just as grisly, too.  

Though there are similarities to Dark Souls, The Surge's battles are a lot more brutal and bloody, and there's also a slight tactical side to them. You can target specific parts of an enemy, declawing them and also potentially netting you a new piece of gear. 

The Surge 2 is due out on September 24, so you'll be able to start pinching body parts soon. 

Fraser Brown
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