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The Park out October 27, includes tie-in content for The Secret World

The Park

It feels like only yesterday that I was going on about The Park, when it fact it was two days ago. If you'll permit me to be a little nostalgic, I was interested in a new trailer that had just come out, but a little worried that the game might not hit its vague "October 2015" release date. I needn't have been. The Park has just been given a firm release date: October 27, or Halloween Eve Eve Eve Eve, as it's known in my household.

You'll find more about the game on its official site, but essentially: The Secret World dev Funcom is making a single-player horror adventure thingy set in the same universe as their MMO, about a mum what's gone and lost her son in a creepy park. Real bad mumming, that. You can now "pre-purchase" the game on Steam for a 23% discount, although of course that would mean buying it before you know if it's any good or not yet.

If you do buy the game on Steam, Funcom will give you some clobber for your Secret World character: a 'Killer Chipmunk' outfit, plus three legendary talismans. (Or should that be 'talismen'?)