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The Overwatch hero Lucio is coming to Heroes of the Storm

A familiar face is about the join the Heroes of the Storm Nexus: Lucio, the Overwatch beatmeister, who will make his debut as a support hero on the PTR on February 6. 

Lucio's Wall Ride ability gives him a 20 percent stackable boost to movement speed and lets him walk through other units while traveling along impassible terrain, while his Soundwave ability damages and knocks back enemies within a cone-shaped area. Crossfade gives him the ability to provide a selectable healing boost or a speed boost to allies within a "large radius," and Amp It Up raises his Crossfade volume, increasing the effect of both boosts for three seconds. 

Naturally, he has a pair of heroic abilities as well: Sound Barrier, a massive, short-lived shield that will protect Lucio and nearby allies, and Reverse Amp, which as the name suggests reverses his Amp It Up ability, causing it to either inflict damage on enemies or slow their movement for four seconds. 

Don't forget, the third week of this year's Heroes of the Storm Global Championship is currently underway, with today's action featuring No Tomorrow against B-Step, and Superstars facing off against Gale Force eSports. The remaining week three schedule is available here, and you can follow the action live on Twitch.

Andy Chalk
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