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The new Overwatch hero Orisa will stay on the PTR a little longer than usual

It's been almost a week since the new Overwatch tank Orisa was introduced to the world, but if you've been holding your breath waiting for her to go into to full release, you might want to exhale. Game director Jeff Kaplan said in a recent forum post that Blizzard plans to keep the character on the PTR a little longer than usual. 

"Just to clarify, we're leaving Orisa on the PTR for a little while. We're getting great feedback and fixing a lot of issues," Kaplan wrote. "I know this feels a little longer than other PTR periods, but we think it will be for the better. We know how anxious you all are to have Orisa join your ranks... and she will soon... but most likely she will go live later in the month rather than this early." 

Orisa was actually one of several heroes who underwent tweaks on the PTR last night that saw her Fusion Driver magazine capacity reduced from 200 to 150, and the cost of her Supercharger ultimate increased by 15 percent. Players are obviously anxious for her to go fully live (Who knew that a pseudo-arachnoid murderbot could be so loveable?), but there's clearly work left to do—and if there's one thing we should all know by now, it's that Blizzard does not rush to meet arbitrary deadlines. 

Andy Chalk
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