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The Division studio Massive is reportedly working on a battle royale title

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When rumours emerge that a major publisher is working on a battle royale game, it's pretty easy to believe. Activision has already indicated that it's "eye balling" the genre, and it seems unlikely that shooter-centric publishers like EA and Ubisoft wouldn't be doing the same. Who wouldn't want part of that lucrative PUBG / Fortnite pie?

But according to Swedish games website Game Reactor, Ubisoft is already on the case. And sadly, it won't be a Rayman battle royale game. The studio at the helm is Massive Entertainment, they of The Division fame, and according to the report, Ubisoft tasked the studio with investigating potential battle royale games in January.

It's an unsubstantiated rumour of course, and Massive must surely have its hands full with both The Division 2 and its forthcoming Avatar game. If you'll permit my own guesswork, it feels natural for The Division 2 to feature a fully-featured battle royale component. But at this stage Ubisoft is not commenting "on rumours or speculation".

In the meantime, if you must play a Ubisoft take on the battle royale genre, Far Cry 5 players have been building equivalents in the game's user-generated Arcade mode. Check out a video below:

Shaun Prescott
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