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The Captain America: Civil War trailer redone in Fallout 4 is a thing of beauty

Captain America

Movie trailers recreated in game engines are sometimes less impressive than they're billed. But I don't think anyone can accuse this recreation of the Captain America: Civil War trailer in Fallout 4, of failing to hit the mark. Created by YouTuber UpIsNotJump, it's a note-for-note recreation that gets it right.

It's still Fallout, so the city environments come pre-trashed and some of the technology on display is more cartoon-retro than streamlined and gleaming. But Cap's suit, Iron Man's armor, and even Bucky's cybernetic arm look fantastic in their post-nuclear renditions, and the Vault 114 logo on the back of Spider-Man's underoos—a clear sign of DIY superhero duds made from something pulled out of the closet—is a fantastic touch. This is top-notch all around, but it's the attention to detail that really makes it work.

It's probably obvious, but this isn't UpIsNotJump's first crack at bringing cinematic superheroes to the world of Fallout: He gave the Daredevil series on Netflix the same treatment last month, with similarly impressive results.

Here's the real Captain America: Civil War trailer, for those who dare to compare. Now tell me: Is this good stuff, or is this good stuff?

Thanks, GamesRadar.

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