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Tales of Symphonia port gets much needed improvements thanks to modders

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Tales of Symphonia Durante final

While the game is a classic, Tales of Symphonia's recent PC port was nothing short of a disaster. Still, if you want to swallow your pride and buy the game anyway, there's now a tool you can use to improve the game's performance, thanks to modder Kaldaien. While it doesn't purport to fix the game's shortcomings entirely, it definitely promises a better experience.

According to the fix's description, frame rate remains at 30fps but now there's no stutter. Meanwhile, "hitching on menu screens" and the interminable loading times have been removed, and there's support for fullscreen, borderless window mode, too. Multisample anti-aliasing is in, ReShade is now usable, and the game will no longer crash regularly on laptops with touchscreens. Sounds handy!

More about what the program fixes and how it can be downloaded and applied can be read on the Steam discussion page. I haven't tested the fix, so I can't guarantee that a) it'll work or b) that it won't break your game. Still, it seems like it's worked wonders for most people who have used it.

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