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Survarium update adds new mode, lets you change your face

Survarium faces

Fed up of looking like a haggard, shaved-head white guy in free-to-play multiplayer STALKER-like Survarium? You can now look look like three other haggard, shaved-headed white guys instead, thanks to the new facial selection option added as part of the game's 0.30 update. 0.30 also smuggles in a new game mode, Last Stand—it's basically a free-for-all deathmatch—along with the freaky-sounding "anomalous skill tree".

You can test the update before it's deployed for realsies if you join the public test server, which opens tomorrow (note that the server will only be available "during working hours on weekdays"). Players who do so will receive in-game currency to use in the server's shop.

Update 0.30 is detailed in the following video—for more Survarium, have a read of Chris's hands-on from a few months ago. Or, y'know, give the game a go yourself. It is free, after all. (Thanks, Polygon.)