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Steam Greenlight updated, making it easier to manage your queue

Valve are continuing to tweak Greenlight, their community-driven popularity contest/Steam audition process. The latest update is a fairly important one, useful to anyone who's come across a game that's clearly too early in development to be judged. Now there's a third voting option - "Ask me again later" - giving you the same get-out clause as an indecisive 8 Ball.

Skipped titles are removed from your queue for a month, after which they'll be giving another chance to filter back into your queue.

The service's social tools have also been rejigged, now allowing you to follow Greenlight titles, causing their development updates to show up in your community feed. Or you can share a Greenlight submission to your friends' feeds, using it to promote games you like (or spam awful looking crap . If you're a jerk.)

Collections - bundles of Greenlight submissions collected together by Steam users - have been updated to allow their creators to post announcements. Hey, here's a neat collection for you to follow.

Developers haven't been left out of the feature creep. Detailed stats are now available, covering how many people are looking at, and voting on, their submission.

Some helpful new stuff, then. Any other changes you'd like to see Greenlight implement?

Thanks, PCGamesN .

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