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Stardew Valley has sold more than a million copies

Stardew Valley

In 2013, Stardew Valley was a Steam Greenlight project that looked pleasant enough, but seemed unlikely to reach any more than a niche audience. Fast forward three years, and the game has sold more than a million copies within two months of launching. That's quite astonishing, but according to publisher Chucklefish Games, it's definitely true.

A representative for the company confirmed with Polygon that 1,007,000 copies have sold on Steam. SteamSpy still has the game sitting around the 915k mark, but that info isn't up-to-the-minute accurate, as the website itself is always willing to remind us. For reference, Tom reported on March 10 that the game had sold 425,000 copies.

It's obviously been very lucrative for creator Eric Barrone, but as he told Tom last month, he's unlikely to buy a Pacific Island and populate it with M&M factories. "I don't want it to affect my life in any way. My lifestyle isn't going to change. My career plans haven't changed. I love making games and I want to continue to make games. If anything, this just makes it so that I can relax and create games without there being a huge amount of pressure, you know?"

Shaun Prescott
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