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Star Citizen FPS, exploration and racing modules shown off at Gamescom

Roberts Space Industries has teased Star Citizen racing and first-person shooting during its Gamescom livestream on Saturday. Embedded below, the racing video is generous enough, providing a pretty solid idea of where the team is headed. Meanwhile the first-person shooting module remains a bit of a mystery, with the fairly unhelpful video below revealing little except that more will be shown at PAX Australia in November.

Nexuiz studio Illfonic will work on the first-person shooting module. Originally limited to scenarios on board enemy ships, planet-side FPS combat has also been confirmed as part of a stretch goal, though it may roll out considerably later than the game proper. On that topic, planet-side exploration has also been teased in a trailer below, with landing and land vehicle deployment demonstrated.

Racing will be added during the v 0.9 update and looks like an arcade-y respite from Star Citizen's otherwise serious simulator aspirations. Check out all the videos below.


Planet exploration:

FPS teaser:

Shaun Prescott
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