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Stalker 2 is a new project that isn't based on the cancelled game

It's been almost a decade since Stalker 2 was first announced, which was followed a couple of years later by the game being shelved and the studio temporarily shutting down. But there's a new Stalker 2 in development, with GSC Game World once again behind it. Quietly announced last year, we haven't heard much about it since, but a couple of details have come out of an interview with YouTuber Antishnaps.

Stalker 2 ceased development in early 2012, and GSC Game World hasn't picked up where it left off. We don't know much about what the studio had planned, but this version of Stalker 2 will be something different.

"Stalker 2 is a new project in which we use all the best ideas that our company has," said the developer. 

The team working on the sequel is the largest the studio has put together, apparently, and it's funding Stalker 2 itself. There aren't any plans for a Kickstarter at the moment, either. There was no mention of platforms, aside from VR support not being planned.

As for the game itself, GSC Game World isn't giving much away. It will have a "unique atmosphere" and the studio is drawing from the original Stalker trilogy, naturally. I don't think it really needed to be said, but there are no plans for a battle royale mode. Not much was revealed beyond that, unfortunately, so Stalker 2 still remains a mystery. 

More information might be hidden in a cipher, however. Another secret code was spotted in the Stalker 2 announcement earlier in the year, and while GSC Game World isn't giving away any clues, it confirmed that you'll find the next part somewhere on the website.

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Fraser Brown
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