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Someone has uploaded almost an hour of Microsoft Flight Simulator footage

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Microsoft Flight Simulator (opens in new tab) is currently in technical alpha, and it looks gorgeous. Maybe it's time for flight sims to make a comeback? Content from the alpha is under wraps but someone has gone ahead and uploaded a couple of test flights anyway.

The first is a half-hour flight complete with takeoff and landing, with plenty of focus on the cockpit detail, which our own Christopher Livingston called "the real beauty of Microsoft Flight Simulator (opens in new tab)". During the landing a warning repeats "pull up, pull up" and I suspect I am going to hear that a lot when I play.

The second video starts out calm, but those gorgeous clouds in the distance turn dark and eventually it becomes a bumpy ride through a storm complete with low visibility and rain on the glass. Forgive me for saying that a game about traveling through the literal atmosphere looks atmospheric, but it does. Anyway if you've got a spare 50 minutes these videos are worth your time.

Here's everything we know about Microsoft Flight Simulator (opens in new tab).

Thanks, Eurogamer (opens in new tab).

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