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Sluggish Morss: Ad Infinitum is a mad and beautiful collage

Jack King-Spooner described Sluggish Morss: Ad Infinitum via email as "a kind of album with a game attached", and that's a fair assessment. It's an album of catchy dubby music, beautiful and horrible and just plain weird scenes, and hard-to-follow dialogue chock-full of meaning - a bit like the previous Sluggish Morsses , then. Conceived as a backer freebie for King-Spooner's successfully Kickstarted Beeswing , Ad Infinitum can be 'ad by the rest of us for the measly sum of £3/$4.95 . Expect a sci-fi collage filled with creepy revolving doll heads, chilled out clay creatures and dozens of collectible coins.

Your £3 will net you the Windows, Mac and Linux versions of the game, plus the soundtrack, which might be the best bit. I'll leave you with my favourite image from my time with Ad Infinitum, which I don't think needs any explanation. (And in any case, I can't provide one.)