Sluggish Morss the merrier with these brilliant, strange, philosophical treks through spacetime

If you haven't played Will You Ever Return? (or Will You Ever Return? 2 ), then I've just made your Wednesday. These two games take you on a journey through a claymation hell populated by folktale monsters, demons and - worst of all - Justin Bieber; they're a collage of beautiful and hideous imagery, philosophy and pop-culture jokes, and a reminder that most of the games we play today have the imagination of an explosive red barrel. When you're done, know that their creator Jack King-Spooner has teamed up with fellow developer Jake Clover to release two new interconnected, cyberpunky, giant-baby-faced games, entitled Sluggish Morrs and Sluggish Morrs: A Delicate Time in History . You should play them.

Sluggish Morrs - which appears to be largely Jake Clover's game, though there is a bit of overlap - isn't big on explanations, but its sublimely weird imagery (featuring nifty visual effects) should make at least some sense once you've sampled King-Spooner's A Delicate Time. This more conversation-heavy adventure is reminiscent of his previous work, but with a less jokey tone, a slightly less ramshackle art style, and a fascinating far-future sci-fi theme.

They're both fantastic, and awesome - in the literal sense of the words. The following videos should give you some idea of what you're in for.

(Thanks to Phack )

Tom Sykes

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