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Rainbow Six Siege gets spectator cams and fixes in latest update

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Rainbow Six Siege Black Ice

Rainbow Six: Siege received a major update last week in the form of Black Ice, which introduced two new operators, a map and a slew of fixes. As Evan noted, it was a substantial and satisfying update, but it introduced a range of new problems. Players have noticed a tonne of glitches and balance problems, but thankfully Ubisoft has been quick to patch them up – update 2.1 is out now for PC.

The most notable inclusion is spectator cameras for custom games, which coincides with support for ten player custom games on dedicated servers. An eleventh player is required to create (and observe) the matches on those servers, and at the moment the feature only supports one spectator. The full rundown can be read on the Ubisoft website, but overall the functionality is pretty limited at the moment.

Meanwhile, Blitz – one of the defence team's shield bearers – is now harder to headshot thanks to a reduction in head size. The rampant "jesus pose" bug has been eliminated, Kapkan's invisible trap bug is no longer, and headshots should register properly.

The fix list is very long, and seems to address all of the bigger problems ushered in by the Black Ice expansion, as well as some more enduring bugs. The game seems to be in good health leading up to the forthcoming Rainbow Six Pro League, which kicks off next month.

Shaun Prescott
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