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PUBG has been banned in Jordan, with Fortnite expected to follow

(Image credit: PUBG Corp)

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been banned by Jordan's Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, with six other games, including Fortnite, expected to join it soon. Like other instances where the battle royale has been banned, vague concerns about the "negative impact" have been tossed around. 

According to the TRC, a study determined it was harmful to people of all ages. The commission's Director of Beneficiaries Affairs said that it was established to deal with complaints from citizens about the terrifying spread of menacing videogames. 

PUBG has also been banned in Iraq and replaced by a 'patriotic' version in China where nobody dies. In Nepal, it was temporarily banned, though in that case the country's Supreme Court halted the ban, claiming it wasn't justified. 

Cheers, Roya News via Gamasutra

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