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Prison horror game Inmates looks spooky in motion

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Remember the Toluca Prison section of Silent Hill 2? Jail cells with rusted bars, pools of water on the floor of metal corridors, rattling keys, and locked doors? Inmates looks like a first-person version of that.

Davit Andreayan's indie horror game, published by Iceberg Interactive, has been released in time for the annual holiday we all know as Spooktoberween. It makes use of a traditional setup—you wake up in a creepy place, unsure of how you got there or if this is all a dream—but looks to do so effectively. Some things, like rocking horses, are always unnerving. 

Inmates calls itself "a story-driven, atmospheric, interactive exploration simulator with horror elements and puzzles" and promises to have no combat, though of course that's not the same as not having any violence. There is obviously violence and it will probably happen to you. Inmates is available on Steam from today. 

Jody Macgregor

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